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The Original
The Original Mini by Mary!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Head Scarves

It’s just me again, wanting to keep you informed on the latest development. I just added a small accessory to the mini skirts. I completed several head scarves tonight and I wanted to share them with you! Head Scarves are the perfect accessory ☺ They are great to throw on when you need to spice up your outfit a bit, they are great to make a look more casual or formal (depending on what you want) and they are a great way to pull your look together as one piece. I know I call them head scarves because that is the main function for them but you can also wear these “Head Scarves” as a belt, as a scarf around your neck, or tie it on to your handbag as a pretty bow. It all depends on what YOU prefer. They too are very versatile and can be worn with practically anything. As you may know, bright pastels are what’s hot this summer so I have a few vibrant head scarves coming your way! The Head Scarves are being sold for $8.00 each or two for $14.00. Grab a few and add them to your spring/summer wardrobe :)
Love Ya,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here we go Mary

Happy New Year Friends! Along with a New Year comes new things! I have been brainstorming for a while now what I truly want next for the Mary Carroll line. I have been up, down, in and out debating what the next hit should be. Like I previously mentioned on my blog, I know I want the "Mary Carroll" trademark to be Mini Skirts but I don't want to be limited to only Mini's. I want to branch out, and expand the line. Well ladies, I am currently modifying what I created and let me tell you.... Its smashing!! I still don't want to reveal what "it is" but soon enough I will. Please hang in there because it will be worth it. Trust me ;) Along with creating a new line other exciting things are happening.
Last night I met with the number #1 fashion blogger in the Capital Region, Fatima. Fatima is a Freelance fashion stylist and Image Consultant. She just released her own lip gloss line, which is Awesome! Be sure to check out her blog at where you can see all of her latest happenings. She's just as fabulous as one can imagine and had helpful advice to offer. She will be featuring me on her blog soon so be sure to follow her :)
In addition, a co-worker of mine, Erika Santos, has her own side business as well. Its called Beauty on a Budget. Erika has a weekly show that promotes different ways and techniques to feel and look beautiful without breaking your bank. She just wrapped up her 3rd successful season of Beauty on a Budget and I'm looking forward to what Erika has next up her sleeve. Her website is Be sure to check it out ladies!! Whoop whoop!
Also, I'm on the prowl for new fabrics for the spring/summer line. Depending on how things go, I want to have a party/fashion show for the spring/summer line. I'm thinking end of May but we shall see. Now I have had alot of people asking me about my website and girls, trust me, I am just as anxious (if not more) than you are! My web designer, HeeHyeon Park and I have been working soo soo hard on it that I just want to show the entire world but it just isn't quite finished yet. I'm really hoping within the next couple of days I can release it.
Until next time, Ta Ta, toodles, adios amigos, and get ready for take off because HERE WE GOOOOO!!!
Love ya,