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The Original
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sew it was a hit!!

Hey Hey Hey!! First I would just like to thank everyone who came to my Mini and Martini party! It was a blast! I made 100 skirts for the party and 10 wallets and I sold around 30 skirts and 6 wallets. I hope you enjoyed the party as much as I did! I wasn't expecting much for my 1st party because of course it was my first one but I had between 20-30 guests which I didn't think was too bad for my first mini party ever! For anyone who is interested in hosting their own just holla atcha girl lol! It can be during the week or the weekend. Whatever works best for you. When you host your own mini party, you get a FREE WALLET as well as a FREE MINI for every 10 skirts you sell! Also, for anyone who couldn't make the party, let me know what skirt you want and size of course! So now, I'm on my way up to Saratoga and Loudonville to hopefully sell my minis to some boutiques. Also, I'm heading to Long Island this weekend to visit a friend so I might hit a store or two there! If anyone, has any questions comments or suggestions let me know! I love hearing other peoples thoughts! I know this was a short entry but I have lots to do today and little time!
Love ya,

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  1. Hi Mary! My name is Lena Rakijian...guess what!?!...drummrollllpleasseee...we are cousins. lol My mom Hasmik just talked to your mom on the phone and told me to check out your blog! Love the skirts - very cute...I'm moving to NY in August so hope to meet you soon. Cheers :)

    PS - I have a blog too!