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The Original
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catch up!

Hey ladies!
Wow! A lot has happened since the last time I've updated you! Well, for starters I legally changed the name from Minis by Mary to simply Mary Carroll. I did this because I want to expand my line and add other pieces to it besides Mini Skirts. Of course I want mini skirts to be my trademark but I also just started making cute size wallets/clutches which are posted on the Mary Carroll Designs facebook page.(I will be posting pics of them on here in a few.) Also, I'm hoping this week or maybe next week I will be adding head scarfs to my line. By head scarf I mean a stretchy thick headband with extra fabric attached so you can wrap it under your head so it falls on your shoulders. What are your thoughts? On another note, I have officially moved my sweatshop (thats where I do all my sewing) out of my families dining room into my basement. LoL my sisters have been busting since the day I started sewing saying my place of work is "the sweatshop!" I know, how rude lol!! So, I have acquired extra tables for more work space, another sewing machine, and display racks where I can hang my products! So excited!!! I really really hope I can move the sweatshop out of my basement and into my own fabulous boutique one day! I'm hoping sooner rather than later but we'll see! Now, for those of you that have been reading my blog right along you might be wondering "when are the Mini and Martini parties going to start!?" Well ladies, I was going to have the first one at my house but at this time if anyone is interested in hosting one please contact me via email ( so I can explain more in detail and we can further plan the party!! Alright ladies, Hope you all have a great week and a fun Fourth of July! If your searching for something cute to wear to your Fourth of July BBQ, 4th of July skirts are now available! Variety of sizes and fabrics! Ta Ta for now!!!
Love ya,
P.S - Be sure to check out the wallets and the new skirts below :)

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