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The Original
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mini Take Over

Hey Gals,
So a few things have changed since the last time we chatted... This past week I have "taken over" a few local college campus with Mary Carroll Posters. Now when I say take over I don't mean ya know a casual one or two poster(s) here and there I mean a lot of posters per campus. For example, I put up 75 posters at Union College (located in Schenectady NY) in the student union, in different buildings as well as sorority houses and dorm rooms. I also put 50 posters up at Russell Sage College (located in Troy NY) just in the dorm rooms alone as well as a few up at RPI (located in Troy NY). I have a few other local colleges to hit like Siena, St. Rose, HVCC and SCC and then I want to spread to hit others. I really really hope this gives me good exposure. You might be thinking? Why so many? Well I feel as though the more someone sees a Mini poster the more likely they will check out my blog and what my skirts are about. I mean being a college girl, I truly think Mini Skirts are just great! You can wear them to class or on you big night(s) out! They are just so comfortable right!? Like I mentioned before, my minis are targeted toward high school and college girls so hopefully only good things come from this! As far as high schools, I have been in contact with a few local high schools and were in the works of getting a "Mini" fundraiser together that will benefit their senior class and help them raise money! I will fill you in more once I know more details!
Also, My minis will also be sold at Fly Boutique in Latham NY. Its right on Troy/Schenectady Road. This is a great boutique that offers a wide variety of different designers. Check them out ladies! Hopefully by next week I will hear from these two other fabulous boutiques that might be interested. I'm not saying names but they are also really good ones. So check back next week :)
I am still continuing on expanding my clothing line I just haven't had a second to make my next product. That too you will have to check back on lol ----Sorry :(
Alright well I think thats all the gossip I have for now. If I forgot anything I'll just blog about it later.
Have an amazing day!

P.S Don't forget to check out the new Fall 2011 line! Pictures are below as well as on the "Mary Carroll" facebook page! Let me know your favorites:) Love ya!

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