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The Original
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Latest

Hey Girls,
This past week a few exciting things have happened! Just recently, a girl from Marist College, Dayna, contacted me and asked to write an article about my minis on her blog. Her blog is where she writes about all different fashion trends, styles and other things that pertain to the fashion world. She also writes for her Marist Newspaper about Beauty and Fashion, as well as The Look of the Week. Be sure to check out her blog at She has a great sense of fashion and writes to perfection. I’ll be sure to keep you posted through my facebook page about when the article is done. I’m very excited for it!
Yesterday I met with a sewing contractor who is going to be helping me produce my minis. Him and his wife own the factory and are the nicest people ever! They will be my major source of production and then my mom and I will continue to sew in the basement sweatshop with smaller orders. This way, we can start spending more time on the creative side of it and focus more on marketing the Minis!
Starting today I will be contacting every boutique I possibly can to try and get my minis in their store! I’m really trying to expand from a small business to gradually a medium size then hopefully one day a large size company! If anyone has any boutiques they think would be a hit for me just give me a holler.
I’m also trying to get photo shoots lined up so hopefully soon I will have new pictures to show you girls!
Okay well I'll keep you posted as new things pop up! Have an amazing day ☺

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