The Original

The Original
The Original Mini by Mary!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The mini beginning

Hey Gals!
As some of you may already know, I have finally taken up my passion for fashion and started making my own mini skirts! Yes, that’s right, Mini skirts! You may ask why Mini’s? Well, last July I was sitting in the kitchen with my mom chit-chatting about how it’s always so hard to find the perfect mini skirt. My mom being the crafty, creative and fabulous woman that she is said, “Mary why don’t you just start making them!??” At first I laughed, because who says that! But then, I thought about it and I wanted to experiment. So we went to the fabric store and I picked out the perfect pattern that I thought would work for all different sizes and 3 different fabrics. I went home and got started right away! I made my skirt first (seen above), then I made 2 more for both of my sisters. As I said this was back in July so I figured eh whatever there cute knock around skirts for the summer to wear whenever. However, whenever I wore it I started getting compliments here and there asking where I got it. When I told people I made it they couldn’t believe it.  I started thinking, “Wow maybe I really could start my own small business making mini skirts.” So just recently, I went back to the fabric store, bought bulks of all different fabrics, and started sewing away! I completed a total of 13 skirts and I enjoyed sewing every one of them! I made a few light summer cotton skirts for the spring breakers that are going away and a few winter ones that you can wear with tights in the fall/winter. When I came back to school my friends bought them for the price on the tag of $15 or $20 (depending on the fabric). I’m so excited that Mini's by Mary are starting to become a hit! I think all us girls can agree that most of the time it’s hard to find the perfect mini skirt to wear out on the town for the night or just for a more casual look. Dress up or down, Mini’s by Mary are sure to be your perfect fit!


  1. Hi Mary,

    These are adorable! My girls would love them and they would love knowing that you made them. Any chance to make them in little peep sizes?

    Patty Riggi (Ang's sis)

  2. Hey patricia!
    Yea that would be so cute!! im going home tomorrow to make some more so I will try and make smaller sizes for Olivia and Ava! What size are they in like jeans or skirts?