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The Original
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm in awe.

Hey Gals!
WOW! WOW! WOW!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot believe how much positive feedback I have received from my blog. Like really! Thank you to everyone that is supporting me. I’m truly in aw about this whole thing. I never thought Mini’s by Mary would actually have a slight chance of being a legit, successful business but now I’m kind of re-thinking, so thank you for your support.  After my first blog, I have made and sold around 20 skirts, and still have about 10 more orders that I haven’t even got to yet! I try to go home every other weekend to replenish my stock of mini’s but I can’t seem to actually hold skirts long enough to have a stock before they all sell, and that is amazing! This past weekend I went home and I made 14 skirts and they all already SOLD! Cannot believe this! The way I’m kind of working this is if someone is interested in a mini I have them inbox me their size and what style fabric they would like. For example, size (3,5,7,9,11,13 etc.) and floral prints, solid color, going out skirt, animal print, etc. Then I go shopping with the customer in mind and try to pick out the fabric they want while keeping their own style in my mind. However, I bought a lot of extra super cute fabric this past weekend so if someone just says, “surprise me”, I have options. I would say the biggest hits so far are floral prints for all the spring breakers that are going away soon. LUCKY GIRLS! Also, with summer coming up these skirts can be very versatile. As I mentioned before Mini’s by Mary are great for summer skirts, knock around skirts, going out skirts and also beach cover up! So below are pictures of the skirts I made this weekend. However, as I previously said they all already sold. BUT if you’re interested in one let me know and I will hopefully have time to make it for you this weekend! Let me know Gals!!

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  1. Hey Mar!
    Without sounding too feminine, I think its great what you're doing with the skirts! They all look great. I think its time to expand, and get a couple of people on the payroll to help you stock up! Keep up all the good work, and sorry, but I don't want a skirt :)! Tty soon,
    Love Pat