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The Original
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long time no talk!

Hey Ladies!
As some of you may have already noticed, I have not updated my blog in soooo long! My fault! I fell way behind and it will not happen again! So, I just posted 5 new skirts that are now on the market if your interested. Just let me know and I will pull them aside for you! Also, Minis by Mary are now in 4 different salons! I'm so so so excited! These salons include Cache in Guilderland, Bellezza in Albany and the two newest- Plush in Scotia and Karizma in Rotterdam. I know I mentioned this before but just incase of any confusion, if your interested in a skirt and it says Cache, Bellezza, Plush or Karizma underneath the picture then that means, that particular skirt is in that salon unless it says My Stock, then I have it! Another thing, I just purchased more summer fabrics! These fabrics include plain kaki, a classy navy blue, really cute floral prints, animal prints and more to come! I hope you ladies love them! OMG and also...Some time in June I believe I am going to have a summer mini and martini party! I want to have a large selection of minis so you have lots of options to choose from, if your interested! Its going to be an open house type thing, where you can stop by during maybe a 3 or 4 hour time slot and just browse to see if you want any minis for the summer! Keep your eyes out for invites next month probably and you can obvy bring your friends! Email me with thoughts and suggestions at Thanks gals and I will be in touch! Keep being fabulous!

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