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The Original
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Construction

Hey Gals!
After talking to girls I think I need to edit my blog a little bit because it seems that its unclear what is and isn't available and thats totally my fault! So I'm changing my blog around to make it a little more organized and convenient for ordering purposes. Before this post all the pictures that were on my blog were just skirts that I made. Some were sold and some weren't. I never made it clear on how to go about ordering a skirt and such and that just has to be changed!! The pictures I post of my skirts are now going to be labeled by the name of the fabric, the sizes in which I have and where they are available. So if you see a skirt you want you can either ask me for it or just go to the salon that has the skirt. Also, I do take custom orders but not necessarily for the exact fabric you want. For example, if you see a floral skirt you're interested in but I don't have your size listed just let me know and I"ll see what I can do. I can't promise I can make you a skirt with that exact fabric because sometimes supply is limited. However, majority of the time I can get fabric that is very similar to that in which you want. You can contact me through a few ways. Either inbox me on facebook through my name or the Minis by Mary page, or email me at Also as of right now the two fabulous salons that are also selling Minis by Mary are Cache which is on Western Ave in Guilderland and Bellezza which is on Fuller Road in Albany. See ya later alligator!

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