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The Original
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Im Back :)

Hey Hey Ladies!
Due to family circumstances these past few weeks, I haven't had a chance to update my blog or keep up with my mini skirt business. However, the time has come where I can put my energy back into my minis!!! SOOOOOO....Whats New!!? Hmm...well I have pulled my skirts from a few salons because I have a change of thought. I'm thinking salons aren't really the hot spots to sell mini skirts because the packaging isn't appropriate for clients to actually see and feel how the skirts fall. So, what I want to do now since summer is right around the corner is go to local boutiques including stores in Saratoga, Lake George and various other beach stores to try and promote my minis there seeing as though they can be used as bathing suit cover-ups as well. I mean, how cute is this with a bikini top :). Also, I want to attend local craft fairs and set up a stand to try and get the word of mouth out there more. I think I have to put more of an effort into the advertising side of business now. I don't know... I'm just going to fly with this on the seat of my pants and see what happens. I still want to make minis for you ladies because I enjoy it so much!! With my passion in sewing skirts coupled with my business degree I can only hope for positive results from this lol. Keep the mini orders rolling and keep an eye out for Mini and Martini party in the near month! I'm back :)
Love yaaa!

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