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The Original
The Original Mini by Mary!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let the Minis keep on rollin!

Hey Gals! 
Okay so as promised, I posted some new pictures of the different skirts that were made this past weekend and let me tell you ladies…there are a lot of cute summer fabrics on the market right now! I’m still taking orders as well as branching out and hopefully over spring break, getting minis into different locations. So be on the look out! Also, I need your thoughts and opinions. I’m thinking about adding ruffles to the bottom of a few skirts and pockets on the fronts or backs of a few.  This way there will be more of a variety on which style mini you can purchase. What do you think? Some other news, the packaging I ordered for the minis came in last week so now each mini is placed in a clear pillow box, which will protect and keep them fresh for when you wear them! They look really cute! (Look below for pictures of the packaging.) Lastly, in this blog entry I just have to give a shout out to my grandpa who has been on a crazy hunt for cute fabrics to help me out. As you can imagine, it’s hard to keep up with school and making lots of minis at once. So my grandpa has been helping me and hooking me up with really cute fabrics. Now trust me ladies, my grandpa is no ordinary grandpa. He still has really good taste and funk.  I kind of led him into what kind of fabrics I’m looking for and now he’s on a roll with helping pick out really nice fabrics lol. I know it sounds funny, but its true! So thank you grandpa! Oh and one more thing, thank you mom for helping me with EVERYTHING!!! Ladies, if it weren’t for my mom the skirts would be majorly backed up. As of now, I’m using her vintage sewing machine lol to sew all these skirts, and she refuses to let me bring it to school so when I go home its major crunch time to crank out as many minis as I can and she is so so helpful!!!!  So thanks mom for staying up to 4 in the morning sometimes with me lol. I just want to give one more shout out to all of YOU for supporting me and liking my minis! It truly means a lot to me that you appreciate and love my new endeavor. Anyways, let the mini orders keep on coming and feel free to pass the word to your friends and family members!  Any new requests or suggestions just holler atcha girl hehe;) !!!

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